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Cristi via Facebook

“Justin is THE BEST. I gave him the impossible ask when looking for a new place in L.A. I expected for him to find me 5/10 of my requirements because it’s a hard market but this guy…Justin! Whipped out 10/10 for what I was asking for and delivered my perfect home. He never even bothered to show me anything below a 6/10 of what I was asking. Instead, Justin took the reins and ensured I got exactly what I hoped for. The end result? I have THE PERFECT HOME in LA. Backyard for my pup, guest room for my books, studio for my art making. If you need a realtor, look no further than Justin. He knows exactly how to listen to your requests and deliver!!! He made my dream come true and he’ll do the same for you. 100% would never use anyone else but him. He. Is. The. Best. I now have the perfect home and I can’t thank him enough. And! He helped me lock this place down, offering suggestions and such to ensure that I was able to get my dream home. No one has ever sat with me to discuss this, but
he did, and I now have my dream pad from his due-diligence. So the bottom line is, should you need a place in LA, it’s time to see Justin. Throw him your impossible ask because he will deliver! I’ve never been happier and he will make your dreams come true!!! Best. Realtor. EVER!!!”